Hair Cuts for Health Care

24 Mar

This past Sunday, March 20th, I held my first fundraiser. My wonderful mother Devin and sister Jillian donated their services doing haircuts and color at discounted prices. The fundraiser was held at our family’s salon, Image in Dearborn. The event was very successful and we were able to raise $785 towards my fundraising goal in just 5 hours.



The Hair Stylists and I

Facebook ended up being a great promotional tool for the event and it even brought people out who I had not seen in years. One friend from high school spent almost the entire day with us, as well as an appearance from a friend who I had not seen since grade school, it was so great to get to catch up with old friends.

Newer friends attended too! One of the first clients was my friend Jill’s son, Ty. After much thought, he told his mom he wanted a mohawk and after searching for hours on the internet they came to a compromise, Tyler arrived with a picture of David Beckham in his pocket.  For an 8 yr old, he has impeccable taste.  I may or may not have stolen the picture to keep in my own pocket…

Will He Still Look Like My Sweet Son?

Jill’s only request was not to make it look too prominent because being 8 yrs old with a mohawk in her neck of the woods means you have a neglectful mom and you may even be smoking pot with your dad in the yard.  No mom wants that bad rap…

Later on in the day, Rebecca (who generally gets nervous when she gets a trim) asked Jillian to chop off her long locks…I believe we can thank the Super moon for that =). She loved it!

Jillian Cutting Rebecca's Hair

Since you certainly would not want me coloring your hair, let alone cutting it, the only thing I could offer was a shampoo (with a little more water than you might have bargained for) and refills on coffee or wine.

Sorry if I Soak You

Again, I would like to thank my mom and sister for their services, my boyfriend Adam and my friend Jessica for helping with the desk, and everyone else who came out to get a cut or a color. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support!

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