Kentucky Derby Party

9 May

What an absolutely exhausting weekend. I finally graduated…I thought the day would never come.  My Nana even came in from Florida to celebrate with us.  The commencements were on Friday (my mom REALLY wanted me to walk), my sister Jillian, my Dad, mom and Nana all attended. Jillian was sending me texts through the whole ceremony to keep me updated (i.e. “Mom’s crying”, “There goes Dad” haha). We had a small graduation party at my mom’s afterwards with family, a few close friends, and of course some delicious home cooked food.

Saturday, was my final fundraiser, the Kentucky Derby Party. Every year my family organization, the Sons of the Auld SOD, hosts a Kentucky Derby Party and donates the proceeds to a charity they see fit.  All the girls usually make fun hats and put on their derby best. This year the proceeds went to my fundraising campaign for EWH.  The SOD donated the beer and the food and all of the admission went to me.  Although, we had a smaller turn out than most years, we were still able to raise $721, a huge step towards reaching my fundraising goal. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, I really appreciate your support, and of course I enjoyed your fancy outfits.  Below are a couple pictures for your enjoyment:

My friend Gaby and I. She has been super supportive during my fundraising campaign, helping out any way she can, and I really appreciate it.

Ladies in their Lovely Hats.

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