Easy like Sunday Morning

5 Jun

Today was a great lazy Sunday. I had planned on trying to make it to a Couchsurfing potluck in Herredia, the neighboring province, but when I woke up my allergies were worse than usual and I just didn’t have it in me. The girls and I all woke up super early because we all crashed so early from the exhausting rafting trip (more about this later). Our host dad was taking the grandpa’s taxi to the super market to pick up some things and offered to take us with him. Of course we happily accepted and were all able to get some fruits and vegetables for our lunches this week so that we could try and save some money. We discovered that the size of the carrots here are insane, eat one and I think you might get enough beta-carotene to see into the future.

While a giant carrot might seem like the highlight of ones day, the best part about today was that we really started to bond with our host family. Late in the afternoon, Kara and I went to make some tea and found our host mom, Vera, in the kitchen with a freshly baked cake. She asked if we would all like to join her for some coffee and cake, so we all gathered around the table with her and ate her delicious banana cake and talked over coffee. We shared pictures of our families and then she talked about their family home life. Vera works as an administrator/accountant for a law firm. She explained to us that as the inequality between men and women lessens in Costa Rica, and the women are now having a chance to climb to higher positions in the business world, it is becoming more common for the men to be the stay at home parent. She also talked about how drinking is tied into the latin culture and this leads to a lot of problems, particularly with our host family. Vera and her husband separated last year for 3 months on account of his alcoholism. But now Federico (our host dad) goes to AA and stays at home with the kids, does all the cooking and house keeping, as well as gives Vera a piece of mind knowing he is sober and at home. I’m really glad that we got to have this time with her and that she felt compelled to share about their life, as well as learn about ours.

When we finished with our cake and coffee, I asked the youngest son, Mauro, to play pool with me. He usually doesn’t talk to us except for to say good morning/night in passing, or run by our room screaming something and then giggle. This kind of forced him to spend time with us and help him to feel a little more comfortable around us.  Of course we had some good laughs about how bad Melissa and I were at pool.

Later in the evening, the girls and I did our workout session in the living room (something we have decided to try and do every night).  Since Mauro is now feeling more comfortable, he decided that we would serve as great entertainment and he and his brother stood to the side cracking up at us for the entire time. Glad to be of service =).

All in all, although we did not leave the house much today, I think it was a really good day.  I think we are all feeling a little less like strangers and a little more at home.

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