Feeling the Pressure

21 Jul

Time is running out. We have a little over a week left at the hospital and we are starting to feel the crunch.  Earlier this week, Kara and I made an appearance at one of the hospital monthly meetings in an attempt to get some of the Doctors to do an interview with us for some research we are doing for EWH. I am not a huge fan of public speaking in English, so it was pretty nerve wracking in Spanish, but it went pretty well. We were able to get 5 of the doctors to make appointments with us.  We have already conducted 3 interviews so far and during all 3 of them, the doctors gave us lists of equipment that they would like us to fix.  This is great but where was this equipment 3 weeks ago when we went to these departments and asked if there was any equipment that was broken or not being used from a lack of knowledge?? Now, when we have less than 7 days to do the work, there seems to be an abundance.  We are currently trying to prioritize and we will just do what we can do. It´s unfortunate though because of course we would like to be able to fix it all.

This week was also when we started what is called our secondary projects.  When interviewing each department we asked if there was anything non-technical that we could possibly do for them. There answers went from fixing the air-conditioning to organizers for the scrubs.  Since three of the departments expressed a need for privacy screens, we decided this would be something we could do and it would help out more than one department. We went to ACE hardware (yes that hey have that here too!) earlier this week and priced out PVC pipe and connectors and found that it was definitely an affordable project.  We were also very happy to discover that they would deliver the materials to the hospital for free.  This was a relief because it sounded like a nightmare trying to bring it all here in a taxi.  Yesterday we went and bought fabric for the actual curtains of the screen, so we will be spending the next few afternoons sowing the curtains that will slide over the pipes to create the screens. I will be sure to post pictures of the final product. 

Unfortunately, that is all the time I have for an update. Hope everyone is enjoying that 117 degree heat index!


2 Responses to “Feeling the Pressure”

  1. Jill July 22, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    Kind of like finals week! Keep on rockin and rollin – we miss you a bunch and know that anything you are able to do is a gift!

    • Creating an Echo July 22, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

      You are absolutely right and Lord knows I´m accustomed to those! Thanks for the encouragement! Miss you guys too!

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